This is my entry for the Extra Credits Game Jam #3.

The theme is: "Cycles"

Have you ever been in a traffic jam while in a hurry? Have you sweared at the car in front of you or the traffic light? Have you thought there must be a better way? Well, now there is! Step into the shoes of a complex synchromization computer and do it better! Try to achieve perfect traffic harmony by setting for how long the traffic lights stay green. Repeat the day and optimize the traffic until everyone is happy.


  • Left Mouse Button - Select Traffic Light
  • Right Mouse Button - Pan Camera
  • Scroll Wheel - Camera Height
  • 1, 2, 3 - Control Time
  • Space - Toggle Pause

Enjoy some fine programmer's art & free asset store assets. :D

Note: If the game is slow, try downloading the standalone executable. :(

Programming and ugly UI: Filip Slavov (NibbleByte)
Music: City Clickers - awesome game! Try it!
Assets: free assets in the Unity Assets store.


Download 33 MB


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Made a city wide traffic jam, I am happy.